Vinyasa flow

‚ÄčDynamic, heating,  invigorating style where poses run together in a smooth way. Learn to shift from the outside world to a movement meditation. Perfect blend of cardio, strength and flexibility workout. The breath plays a focal role, acting as an anchor as we move from one pose to the next. Mindful flows range from gentle to vigorous. Asanas sequencing allows for creativity, every class has its theme. You won’t get bored.

Balance your dynamic yoga practice, other workout routine or stressful life in large. Slow-paced style that targets connective tissues, lubricates joints, releases the fascia. Expands flexibility and stimulates energy flow in the body by releasing blockages. Poses are held for longer periods of time to facilitate deep opening of both the body and mind. We work with psychosomatics closely. Listen, your body will tell you stories. Explore what lies beneath, step outside your comfort zone.

Yin yoga
Meditation and progressive relaxation

Scientific research on meditation benefits is impressive. The practice is being successfully implemented at schools and in military forces, in hospitals and world corporations. Its effect on our wellbeing is stupendous. Meditation reduces stress, boosts immune system, slows down biological aging, improves concentration, encourages healthy life-style, promotes overall happiness.. the list goes on and on. Simply put, meditation is an exercise for the brain, a tool for improving mental hygiene. Learn different meditation technics, reduce the noise, tune to your inner self.

I offer  group, corporate and private classes. No prior experience necessary, beginners welcome. 

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Styles include: