About Me

     Yoga crossed my path in a rather unusual way. Most commonly it all starts with asana practice and then progresses to discovery of the massive yoga iceberg (of which asana is just a tip). Quite the opposite, I got hooked on the philosophy part first.

     It was back at the University while studying Hinduism and Buddhism as a part of the world’s largest religions course. Since yoga, as we know it today in the West, stems from these two traditions, a lot of talk on the subject of this ancient practice took place. I was amazed to discover that yoga embodies a universal, cross traditional “code of conduct”. It’s in the heart of all religions. It teaches you how to function as an effective society member, while staying at peace with yourself.  

     Curious about the whole thing and being a movement junky from my crib, I naturally gravitated to asana practice. Yet, it wasn’t until I moved to Dubai from my native Russia that I finally found a yoga class, which resonated with me. From there I set off on a fascinating journey on the mat, got to befriend my own body, which, I discovered, is the infinitely complicated and most beautiful thing of all.

     Simply put, yoga is an anti-civilization pill. It unwinds. It neutralizes wrecking effects of stress. It teaches you to slow down, take a breath and experience your life to the fullest. Whatever you do, yoga helps you to do it better.